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 The Truth Will Set You Free!

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PostSubject: The Truth Will Set You Free!   Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:36 pm

DOTA's hidden Truth...
DOTA (a satanic game)
The truth behind this game DOTA (Defense of the Ancient)
(A Satanic Game)
ANCIENT - question: who is ancient?
- answer: God but Satan’s disguises himself and deceives us, saying that He is the Ancient one.
who would you think you will defend on this game? whose defense is this? (with
those cheats and verbal acknowledgments.. later to be discussed)
the obvious aims:
-to kill your enemy, to destroy the
tree of
life for sentinel, to destroy the
frozen throne for
scourge, and TO BE BEYOND GODLIKE in
the real aims:
- worshiping Satan through consciously
enjoying the game.
- because this game is extremely a
deception from Satan and you are
actually enjoying
There are two bases or teams:
Sentinel vs.scourge
Good ones
dark evil
- This is used to become stronger
- But actually this cheat pertains to admittance that your father indeed is Satan.
- To have more money
- In Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 “Those who love money will never have enough,, the more you have.. the more people come to help you spend it.”
- It feeds your mind that it’s fine to love money because you need it.
- This allows you to see the map
- The truth behind is that, spiritually the players and those who are involved are dead;
they don’t have real life for they are being used be Satan to praise him through this game.
Verbal acknowledgments:
- OMG (Oh my God) The Bible states, “do not use the name of the Lord in vain!”
- BULLs**t and HOLYs**t need not to explain
- Good job / Good work when you killed somebody you are being congratulated with a good job or good work.
At the dawn of April 17, 2006, my
brother (JIREH SINGSON) dreamt of 2 dreams.
First, he dreamt that Jesus is showing how evil dota is, then he woke up and blurted out: “ayoko na magdota!” he fell asleep again and had his second dream, he was talking with a friend who in real life doesn’t want to play dota anymore, when my brother blurted out once again, “ayoko na magdota!”, a man came near to him and laid hands cursing my brother. When they rebuked it in Jesus name, it disappeared. Then, when he shouted “hindi na ako magdodota kahit kailan!”
Crystal Maiden (one of those unpleasing characters in dota) appeared in my brother and he told us that it felt like he couldn’t breathe, my brother rebuked it in Jesus’ name and told to it, “hindi na ako magpapabitag sa iyo, I belong to Jesus!” Then he woke up and ran downstairs. He told everything to us and prayed for him. My father helped him renounce it and right after he surrendered he puked, and we brought him to hospital. But our family claimed that Jesus is victorious and Satan will never win. He had a testimony about his dream the Sunday after he experienced it, after he witness, those who are involved in dota were prayed for.
Note: Akala ng lahat laro lang dota, pero si Satan hindi nakikipaglaro. He is using dota to pollute the minds of our youth.
-faith singson
Ephesians 4:27
Don’t give devil a chance! If you ignore this, it’s your own risk.
This is the TRUTH. Do not be blind and do not harden your heart.

by Brian Lawrence Perez Laurente on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 9:20pm
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The Truth Will Set You Free!
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